Well, hi, portfolio.

I've been meaning to do something really serious with my life and my soon-to-have Animation Degree. Yes, I've always planned on setting up an online portfolio for the world to see, and after three days of designing, I've finally done it.

Hurrah! I finally have a real, serious portfolio to boost my career (hahaha).

Want a preview? Head over to my portfolio using the link below.

Also, I've been thinking about making my own Youtube gaming channel, and got around to it about a week ago. Of course, I haven't uploaded anything yet, since I'm preparing the games and the videos, so it'll take a while before I finally have something to show you.

However, if you want to see it now anyway, click the image below.


That's it for now I guess. If you have free time, please, please do check out the links above and share them across other social networking sites. It would really make my day!

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