Day 5: A person you will never forget.

The first person that popped into my head: Ate Mai. :)

Every time I'm asked about a person I'll always remember, her image - the always smiling, pretty, Angelina-Jolie-like face - just appears, without me even trying to think hard. I guess it's because since I met her in Oman 3 years ago, I've always associated her with only pure, positive words, like pretty, role model, godly, sister, someone who understands what I'm going through, someone who I'm comfortable enough sharing my deeper thoughts with - you know, those kind of stuff. It's not because she's our youth group leader (or because I've spent more time with her than the other singles), but the purity of her heart and her will and determination to put aside everything else for God is just so amazing. Oh yeah, and have I mentioned she's really pretty? :) Love you ate Mai! I miss you and hoe to jam with you soon!

Of course, there are others worth mentioning, like: 

Ranz, ate Rose, ate Jacq, ate Ann & ate Ella

Ranzel has made a big impact on my desire to learn piano and be more musically inclined. She has so much talent in her hands that not even my weight can account for it (or maybe it can...)! I miss our sessions at the Center Ranz! Sana maulit ulit 'yon! :)

Ate Rose is, like, THE bomb. You know what I mean? Every moment I had spent with her was always filled with laughs and good memories, so why wouldn't I be able to remember her? I'm still waiting for your solo at church ate! Pag balik ko jan, sana kumanta ka na po, okay? :)

Ate Jacq has this strong personality that made me strive harder. How do I explain this without giving off the wrong meaning?! Okay. She has an awesome voice. A strong, clear voice that prompted me to work double time in developing my vocals. I don't think it worked though. Haha. Ate Jacq! I still hope we can do a duet together! Yung todong birit ate ha? :)

Ate Ann is always on the go! It's something I've long admired about her, being able to jump from an event to the next yet still looking pretty! :) Her personality always stood out with me, her carefree attitude and her being outgoing and always game has allowed me to see that sometimes, okay lang maging on-the-go kahit na marami kang ibang sources ng stress. It makes people look young! ;) Ate Ann! Gala tayo ulit kailan, okay? :)

Ate Ella is one of those pure souls who strives to serve God in any way she can. She's shown me that while prim and proper can go with being happy-go-lucky! In fact, these two work so well together that I'm sure the man ate chooses to marry will be very "lucky" for. Ate Ella knows what my family went through, and I just pray to God her image of me hasn't changed after those trying moments! Ate, naging isa ka po sa mga taong nakatulong sakin na maging objective mag-isip sa mga bagay-bagay. You showed me the importance of being just and unbiased sa opinion ko sa ibang taong hindi maganda ang dating sa'kin. Thanks ate! :)

I find it striking that all of the people who've made it onto my list came from Oman! Well, it makes sense, since I learned so, so much from that place, and though so many trials came in my life, they were there. I don't think they know how much their presence meant to me during my low moments (and I made sure no one noticed), and I still really feel so blessed to have made such wonderful friends. I love you po! <3 I hope to see you guys again soon! :) God bless!