#139: Typhoon "Pedring"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Only three weeks to go before the end of the first semester, and I have never been more eager to go to school than now. It seems, however, that this new typhoon "Pedring" is blocking all hope of catching up and filling up all the days before the final exams.

Yesterday, we had classes in the morning, but the afternoon subjects were cancelled due to the weather. Before leaving the school, I made it a point to take a few pictures to show the state of Ateneo during storms.

It may look bad, but you haven't seen the worst. This is practically a rest in the field compared to the previous storms. Tsk. Tsk. The first photo was from our classroom, overlooking the carpark at the side of ADNU. (It's really handy to have your phone with you during these circumstances - it lets you capture moments that are sure to be memorable.)

I'm not entirely rejoicing that there are no classes, though it is a great relief for the most part. Hopefully, classes resume tomorrow, so I can finish my SRA. A light subject I know, but with only three colors to go, I wouldn't waste my money and enroll in this subject next semester! I hope I can finish SRA by the finals week. And hopefully, this typhoon will end tomorrow (and resume on Thursday!).

Oh LOL. Sorry.
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