#118: Father's Day Gathering

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last June 19, we celebrated Father's Day at Del Carmen.
It was an awesome time for me especially, since dad was with us and we were once again complete. :) We had great company too! <3

Of course, we started getting comfortable by watching TV and sharing thoughts on whatever was being talked about (The Buzz was on)...

Others might feel having visitors and get-together's are extremely tiring and uninteresting, but I beg to differ. It actually feels good to have some quality time with relatives for catching-up purposes and bonding (though short) moments. Next event: picture taking!

Since Father's Day celebrates fathers around the world, the men had to be the first ones under the judgement of the camera. How did it turn out? Did their oh-so-natural handsome looks stand out? Or did the photographer (ehemm) fail to showcase what they had to offer? (Are we talking about Bench models here, folks?)

Here's a video I secretly took while the men were preparing themselves for the photo session.


(Note: Since Blogger can't really handle a lot of vids, I have posted only one out of about 5-10 clips. Message me po sa Facebook if you want to see them all. ;])

So yeah. Then afterwards, we proceeded to the group pictures, where we got to share the camera with the hunks (naks!).

Yey! Cheers for the complete photo! :) I actually felt like I was dealing with teenagers, with them babbling and trying to talk to one another while I was doing my best to fix them. Haha. Well, what can we do? :) let them relive moments of their youth!

You can imagine how famished we became after the session with the camera, but this was quickly tended to. We moved on to our favorite part: eating! :) I took pictures of some of our food:

...now for the critics. :) Joke.

I guess they were all full by the time they finished, so I need not look for any loose ends from the celebration? ;)
Finally, how would a party be without a cake?

This celebration was indeed something worth remembering.
Happy Father's Day!
God bless and we dearly love you, our wonderful fathers!
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