#108: Shopping Again.

Obviously, this post is about the purchases I made the other day, when we went to SM Naga. :)) Let's get on to it, shall we?

So as my mom was inquiring about her iPhone, I asked my little bro to accompany me to National Bookstore. I knew that every time I went inside that store, I was sure to buy something. Still, I went in, fully aware of the outcome. :) I wanted to buy every one of the Chicken Soup books, but I had to save up and practice not spending too much in one day. So instead, I bought 3 books, (1) Max Lucado's Facing Your Giants, (2) a B&W Comic book titled ShutterBox, and (3) another B&W comic book titled The Queen's Knight. There were like, a million other books I felt I had to take home that day, but again, discipline knocked on my door (thankfully).
Photos in real-size:

Then, after that, we ate Lunch at McDonald's. I haven't eaten rice for about 6 days now, so of course, I didn't order chicken and rice. Chicken and spaghetti, yes.

Yum! Oh, btw, JP had 2 orders of rice and 2 pcs. of Chicken! Haha! He even had 2 packs of gravy. And the chicken he ate were both big. Mine and mom's wasn't too large, as you see in the picture. So after that, we headed back to the store where JP's PSP could have a check up, since the technician's shift was at 12nn. We were informed that they could fix it, though they didn't have the parts for it. Darn. What a bummer. JP was obviously disappointed.

To relieve him of this pain, mom decided to allow us to go to the Worlds of Fun arcade. Here's what JP did:

Here's what yours truly did:

Grabe! My lips were shaking as I sang in front of strangers, save for my mom (who took these photos). I've never done something so bold in my life, especially one so spontaneous! I do remember mentioning in my previous post that when I get back to the Arcade, I was going to sing up front. Here's what happened then, guys. Haha! I sang Unfaithful by Rihanna. The moment the song finished, I got down from that chair and instantly felt weak. Literally! I walked as if my legs were newly grown and I was still mastering them! Funny thing, I scored 94, and the girl who sang after me sang the same song! Didn't see her digits though since we had to leave. I bet her score was higher. :( Oh well, I can't have what I want and be better at everyone else all the time.

That ends my short time at Sm Naga last May 15. :) Gonna repeat that again! :D