#94: Walking to our piano lessons.

We were scheduled for piano lessons yesterday, and since it was a fine afternoon and it wasn't very hot and sunny I urged us to walk (so not like me). Aside from the busy car mechanic shop that took over most of the road, it was a nice, peaceful walk. Here are some photos took on the way to and after the lessons:

I wanted to take a photo of the road only, but what to do? LOL.

This one was taken as we were going back home. I just liked the look of the curve up ahead, travelers who don't know what's to come, what's waiting for them behind the curve.

My brother hates being photographed for some reason, so my finger had to work twice as fast to capture these images. Haha. On the way to the lessons, I did the limbo under the same branch (pic. 1) so JP did it as well on the way home. The second one was taken while he was running around trying to avoid the camera. 

This dog is just too cute!! We saw him in the middle of the road sitting down, and realized he was guarding his master's house. As we got nearer, he stood up like that photo above and seemed perfectly alert. Ah! I want a cute pup like this one! Just as long as he doesn't get bigger.

Shot in Brgy. San Vicente. See that photo above? Well, if you turn left and walk a few meters forward, you'll see our house by the other side of the road. ;)

We had a great time walking, and even though mom wanted to ride a Pajak (I don't know if I spelled that correctly) and JP was panting and a bit sweaty, I stood my ground to walk. Haha. This determination is a start to my long term goal eh?