#93: Major major updating!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wahhh! I changed my blog theme for the second time this month. After such an embellished theme with lots of colours, I switched back to an easier-to-the-eyes type of theme, minimal, yet very interesting and cutesy. :)

Since my last post (April 2, Photography), we've been to Ateneo and I got to take my entrance exam, we've been to St. Joseph to inquire about JP's schooling, we've also celebrated my birthday and decorated lola's garden. I think I forgot a few things, but I'll just mention them later on, when and if I remember.

After stopping over at the schools and stuff, we went to SM Naga and ate lunch at Pizza Hut. My cousins came later on and joined us. :)

These are my lovies right here. I'm a BIG fan of salads, and I just love feeling the pizza cheese melt in my mouth. And don't forget the delicious taste of pasta!

And here come the photo booth pictures!!! LOL.

And then, when we came back for the test results the following day (Ateneo), I received a letter of acceptance into the University. :) SO happy when I finally got it!

LOL. BS DIA. I'm totally excited for it.
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