#90: CD Cleaning!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As usual, nothing really exciting happened today (though if we were able to go to my cousin's grad, it would have made a difference). I stayed at home and were visited by my other cousins, AJ, Justin, and JD, accompanied by their mom. I could tell JP had a LOT of fun with them!
As I expected, these cousins of mine knew things on Youtube that I had no idea about. They directed me to "Hard Gay Guy", a Japanese man who has a weird way of helping society (just check it out on ytube). Hahaha. You guys should check it out.

The only highlight of my day was when I decided to organize, fix, and clean all the CD's near the TV. Oh, I have to tell you how it felt like heaven to finally find the CD's I left in Bicol when we went to Oman! :) I happened to fin four of my favorite albums while doing so:

Total bliss! Hahaha! Shirley Bassey has really great style in singing, and Earl Klugh (thanks dad for introducing me to his music!) is such a great musician! :) And of course, how could I forget Erica Dean's "Turn To Him" album and The Purpose Driven Life CD, which was one of my original faves back "in the day". Golly, how I missed these songs. I didn't realize how much they meant to me! 

*sigh* Just so happy today, and I haven't even chatted with dad yet! That will be a great wrap up for the night.
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