#88: More Fun from Home.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The past two days have been THE GREATEST so far. Not only did JP and I get to go to SM Naga, ride a jeep again (for the first time since coming back!!), ride a van as well (like FX taxi) - we also got to hang around our cousins, Hannah and Jove! :) Such fun!

Okay, so we went to Naga early in the morning so that we could be the first ones to enter the mall when it opened at 10AM. We rode a really, really packed jeep then got off the Naga terminal to ride a van to Naga City. TO be honest, I don't like commuting at all. There's nothing I can do about it though. It's unavoidable, especially 'cause I can't drive and we have no one to drive us around.
Anyway, after we did all those things, we got off just across SM Naga City and immediately were shocked at the number of people already lined up at the entrance to get in. Woah. I didn't expect people to be this shopping-hungry. Finally, just before 10:10AM, it opened for us impatient shoppers. :)

Our first order of business? EAT. Though we all had breakfast at home, we had already digested everything when we got to Naga. Imagine having to spend one hour (after eating) getting ready to leave, one hour just to ride from GOA to the Terminal, and another hour to travel to Naga City! That got us hungry enough to eat a hotdog sandwich at Jollibee. :) I missed Jollibee so bad. Have I told you that yet?
We then waited for my aunt, uncle, and two awesome cousins to arrive.

Before I go any further, I must share with you guys about what happened to my Laptop the other day. Dum-dum-dum-dum. It's in a mess. Yeah, now I can't start it up properly. When I hit the power key, the screen just shows up black. Nothing that should appear comes on screen, like the "Starting Windows" stuff and the login screen. I was able to open it on the way here to Bicol, when we were in the car, but as soon as I tried opening it up at home, it wouldn't open. Such depressing news, I know. :( We asked around at the mall and were told that the Recovery Partition might have been corrupted, so I should buy a new OS for it. The cost: Php 5,000. Not such a hard price, but if there was another way for my laptop to get fixed without spending money, I'd take it. Good thing my aunt offered to let their technician take a look at it on Monday. :)

We did a lot of things at SM while waiting for my uncle to pick us up again after his work - ate frozen yogurt (much like Pinkberry but without the classiness) with choco crumble toppings, used the mall's wi-fi connection to chat with dad, talked about lots of stuff, went to buy a globe sim, and then finally to National Bookstore. Yeah! I have returned to one of my lovies! :) And then we got hungry again. (Do you notice how eating is always in the agenda? Tsk, tsk.) For a small meryenda, we had Chowking!


I forgot what the one on the left is called, but it's one of my favorite desserts. The one on the right is the "a-dozen-more-slurps-before-I-finish" stage of Chowking's Wanton Noodles. The dimsum were especially yummy that afternoon! The noodle's soup was a bit too salty for me though.


As usual, us girls didn't want to miss out on picture taking. :) My cousin Hannah and yours truly on the right. Ugh, hideous creature I am. :) What're you gonna do about it, punk? Kidding.

We walked around the mall a few more minutes before heading back to the car (my uncle's) to go home. We did a quick stop at their house first to get some clothes and other necessities for their sleep over at our place, and were greeted ever so frighteningly by their cute, white dog, Gibbo (dunno if I have the name spelled correctly). I'm telling you, if that dog wasn't so hyper and everything, I'd have fallen in love with it. I've always wanted a pet around the house kasi eh

A few minutes along the road, we suddenly began to get hungry (i told you). And we stopped at Biggs! :) Wasn't able to take a lot of photos save for three:

JP enjoyed sooo much! :) See his face on the first photo! Such a cute little thing, my brother. :) And look at me. I look like a total loser here. But whatever. Haters gonna hate, right? Whatever that's supposed to mean.

I'll cut this entry up to this point for now. I'll post more tomorrow, if we get the DSL connection we were promised to have this week, and put more pictures here for all to see, LOL. Gotta dash people, gotta sleep. :) Until tomorrow.
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