#84: Day 6 – Name Change?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If you could change your name, what would your new name be?

Within the past four years, I’ve changed my taste for names from Peachy, to Faith, Rose, Daniella, Charm, Liberty, and ultimately, Amalia. Every name I chose to make my own had their reasons, a few of which I’ll gladly explain.

1. Peachy. I remember seeing names of fragrances in a magazine back in the Philly, and one said “Peach Snapps”. Maybe I just got so attracted to what the perfume bottle looked like on paper that I got a huge like for the name. My high school friends and I sometimes chatted on paper (even though we were all seated side by side) and we’d use code names, just like in normal chat rooms across the net. I used Peaches first, then Peach Snapps, then decided Peachy was more easy to write.

2. Faith. Yep, this name was the most constant, the dearest name I’ve ever used for myself and my story characters. Until now, I use faith for a lot of accounts on the net, and I’m not going to get tired using it. Faith sounds very pretty, girly, and for me, courageous and independent. As most of the characters in my stories have heroines with those qualities, it would be right to name them Faith. And somehow, Faith just sounds so sweet and beautiful.

3. Charm. The original version of this name was Charmera, a name I got after a few hours of tapping my pencil on paper and eating snacks. It sounded like a pretty cool name for a chic undercover agent (another person in another story of mine), so I thought I’d use it. I’m not as electrified about this name now however, unlike before.

4. Amalia. This is my most recent name-crush, after reading a book about Princess Amalia and the Lump On Her Bed (a free story I got on the internet, getfreeebooks.com), and watching a soap opera on tv with a lovely woman character named Camalia. Amalia sounds very royal to me, very beautiful. Heck, I see all the nice names this way. Maybe it’s because this is my idea of the prefect woman, everything Amalia is in my story: beautiful, brave, intelligent, compassionate, resourceful, and a lot of other great qualities. Oh, and a woman shouldn’t be talkative and annoying at all. I’m a woman, but I can relate to guys who hate people who blab too much.

So if you ask me which name I truly would like to change my name into, it would be Amalia. Not much of a background for you people, but hey, we all have different tastes. You may not like the name while others like myself are attached to it as a leech to a human’s skin.

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