#82: Day 4 – Strengths

What is your biggest strength? How did you develop it?

Singing. It’s more than a strength – it’s a talent.  It’s also a way I make friends, keep them, and be accepted. I guess if I didn’t know how to sing, or dance, or write, I wouldn’t really be able to go out there and make some friends. Maybe God knew that, and decided to give me a great whole package of talents. Thanks God!

Developing it wasn’t hard. I came from a musical family, so it’s in the genes. :) My dad sings great, and my mom appreciates fine music. Even my brother is starting to develop a love for pop, rock and hip hop, and dances a hell of a lot like Michael Jackson. I mean, aside from singing practically every day of my life, there’s not much developing going on.

Anyway, singing is like, my pain reliever, a drug if you will. I sing any where and any time I can – in the shower, while I’m doing the dishes, while I’m washing the clothes, and even while I’m drawing or writing. If people say that “an apple a day keeps the doctors away”, I say “a song everyday keeps the sadness away”. Obvious right? Especially when I sing happy tunes or just listen to them.

One way I’d like to improve this strength of mine is to take voice lessons in the future, maybe when I go back home to the Philly. I want to learn how to preserve my voice and keep it nice even as I age.