#73: Day Thirteen - Top 5 Boys Names

Hurrah! Finally, something light to blog about. (You'd think the others weren't easy right? LOL.) These past few days, I've been feeling kind of strange about everything. Something seems odd about me, like I'm turning into someone different. It's freaking me out. :) But I'll save that for later.

1. Lancelot - Why? 'Cause this name sounds so heroic, kind of like the knight-in-shining-armor sort of type. I have no idea where I got this idea but whenever I write plays, the first name I can think of for the leading guy role is 'Lance'. Haha. But it's no doubt gonna change soon.

2. Darien - Another princely-sounding type of name. I first heard this when I watch Sailor Moon, and seeing how handsome and magnetic he was, I began to really like him. I wonder where I'll get to find my own Tuxedo Mask with the name Darien. *sigh

3. Lucas - I usually use this name for villains and those innocent-at-the-start-but-villainous-later characters in my stories, but recently, I'm getting great 'vibes' from this name. Lucas sounds sort of boyish and manly at the same time, like Edward, minus all the sparkle and fangs. :)

4. Blaze - A good love story can never do without a third, sweet guy to try and catch the heroine's heart. In this case, I think the perfect name for that guy would be Blaze. It sounds like a bad-boy name at first, but it can be really nice and sweet too. Maybe you can use the name for the cool guy best-friend girls secretly want to have but are too shy to admit.

5. Raven - This is such a versatile name type that I don't know which one to focus on. I know a girl who uses this name for one of her OC's, and I also know another anime character who has 'Raven' for a guy friend. Maybe it's the versatility that attracts me so much.