#65: Day Six –Top 5 Fast Food Outlets

Monday, February 7, 2011

Food. Now we’re talking! LOL. (^_^) Let’s get on with it.
[Abbrevs. used: besties – best friends; Philly – Philippines; FFO – Fast Food Outlet; SpoRK – Spoiled Rich Kid]
My list (in no order):
1. Jollibee

It’s been such a long time since my last meal at this chain. I think it was last 2008, before we flew to Oman that I got to taste Chickenjoy and Cheese Fries in my mouth. The branch at Pantranco (Philly) holds so much memories of me and my besties back in high school, Apple and Stela. We ate there almost every day after school, talking about projects, boys, more projects and our friendship. We normally had sundaes or shared those big cheese fries topped with meat pieces (forgot what it was called, sorry). My girls shared their love lives and some secrets, and they’d complain that I don’t do the same. But what can I tell them? Nothing exciting was going on! But the food made all our get-togethers there worthwhile. Oh, the hunger! Haha. You know, I’m looking forward to taking our vacation to the Philippines next month. It’ll be a thrill!
2. KFC

I don’t know which branch I like most – the one here in Oman or the one near our house in Quezon City? Both have great tasting chicken and fries and stuff, but here, you don’t use any fork or knife for your chicken. A spoon is provided for coleslaw, but that’s about it. In QC, we have complete utensils available. Hmm, here in Oman, you get to enjoy every taste of it on your fingers, but it can be quite messy. On the other hand, KFC in the Philly gives you good eating etiquette. So which one? :)
3. Papa John’s

When we were here for a few weeks in Oman already, a church mate of ours invited us for dinner at Papa John’s, and I loved everything about it. The ambiance is very calm and peaceful, they have comfy seats, and you can smell the pizzas from inside the kitchen. (Oh yeah, they serve mostly pizzas but they have chicken, pasta, and other food too.) My favorite pizza has always been Hawaiian and Cheese, but recently, I’m learning to love their Barbecue Pizza more and more. When you come across a Papa John’s FFO, dig in. You’ll love it too!
4. Starbucks / 5. Coffee Bean

I know, I know. You must be thinking, “Are Starbucks and Coffee Bean FFO’s?” Maybe not, but what the hell. I love them. The two good things about Starbucks are (1) they have free wi-fi access available for customers, and (2) the ambience is very professional and sophisticated. When people see you inside, they think you’re some Spoiled Rich Kid. (Come on, we ALL want to be called SpoRK’s some time in our lives.) I’m not really amazed at their coffee however. I mean, we can make those stuff at home with the same taste! Why spend your  money on buying something you can make for a few dollars/pesos/rials? When you buy Starbucks, you’re not paying for the coffee – you’re paying for the brand name. Think of it this way: Starbucks=Elite. It’s mainly for social statuses.
So about Coffee Bean, I LOVE their cakes so bad! It’s not as sweet as you think it is when you see it in their glass casing at the counter. I remembered eating at a branch at Gateway (Philly) with my aunt from America. At first, I told her I only wanted a small piece ‘cause I didn’t want to pile extra pounds but when I forked off a bite, it was heaven. Chocolate and no indication of its sweet consequences. Perfect. I ate it little by little, savoring each piece while listening to my mom and aunt catch up on each other’s lives. I didn’t want that time to end. :) Oh well, might as well save up for our upcoming vacation!

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