#64: Day Five –Top 5 TV Shows

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heya! I should admit I had a pretty hard time figuring out my top five favorite shows of all time, but eventually, I got around to it. This list may seem pretty boring, but here goes.

1. CSI:Miami

Alright, all CSI Teams are pretty great, but Miami is impressive. Not only did they cast the perfect actors for each role, but they really have a nice story outline. I guess my favorite characters are Horatio and Calleigh - typical of me huh? Horatio, because you get a sense of security and care when he assures you of something. You really feel his concern for your situation, and when he says he’ll do something, he keeps that promise, no matter how hard it has to be. Of course, Calleigh is just as great for her feminine touch to the whole team. She’s reserved, simple, and intelligent. She doesn’t raise her voice when she’s angry ever. I want to know that kind of control over myself you know? :) Whenever CSI: Miami comes on, I take the remote and hide it from my little brother, in case he decides to switch channels. haha.

2. The Mentalist

Another type of detective/police TV series, aired on MBC Action. Now this show is amusing. AMUSING, in everything. There are secret feelings for two of the characters, a sort of tension between the head of the department and Jane’s superior, Lisbon, and of course the impeccable skill of Patrick Jane himself. It’s a mixture of humour, wit, crime, and emotion in this TV series. If you guys haven’t seen this yet, you have GOT to. You’re missing out so bad.

3. The Doctors

It’s the show that takes care of your health and teaches you what to do in certain health situations. They give great advice on dieting, on taking good care of your skin and other illnesses that you need advice on. I only came across this show a year ago, but it’s pretty neat. It’s a great therapy for easing out your worries on whether or not you need to see a doctor. (Airing on MBC 4, Oman)

4. CNN’s Backstory

The first thing that attracted me to this show was Michael Holmes’s accent. I love British-Australian accents, so I kind of hung around just to hear him speak. Soon though, I really liked the show for what it offered the viewers, which was a behind-the-scenes footage of the news. It’s kind of like a Feature article on camera. They show you what goes on behind every news take, wherever they go and such and you really understand what field Journalists go through just to get a great story. I remembered watching a story on Egypt a while ago, and the physical condition was pitiful. It was easily depressing. But that’s the beauty of this show. You know the details of every news footage.

5. MTV Cribs

Yeah! I LOVE MTV Cribs for two reasons: one, because I get to see the houses of my favorite singers and celebrities; and two, I get ideas on how I want my house to look like in the future. I recall watching an episode where a house was fully computerized from the outside to the inside. The fireplace was remote-controlled, the toilets were as well, and to enter the master bedroom, the owner had to have his eye scanned on a scanner attached to the wall by the door. Imagine that! It’s like livin’ James Bond style for the rest of your life! I wouldn’t mind having all those tech toys myself. Oh, and my house wouldn’t be perfect without a terrace, a large, large pool, a recording studio, a theatre and a nice fireplace. Have I missed anything out? Hmm, I guess not. Oh, and I’d like a metallic pink BMW.


Obviously, I love detective stories, since it’s at the top of my list. I have a passion to solve mysteries and murder crimes in clever ways, and I hope one day I’d get to work at a real police lab. That’d be fantastic! And I think that with proper training, I could become a great detective. :)

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