#41: Day Twenty-three!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Something you crave for a lot.

It's only a few hours until 2011 comes marching in, so I thought maybe I could squeeze in one last entry for this year. (I am amazed at how right each challenge/write prompt is exactly right for every occasion!)

I really CRAVE for...

a trip back to Australia. Not just for visiting or for vacationing - but for the purpose of studying and living there. Have I ever mentioned living there in my Primary School days? Yeah, I spent three years of my foundation for childhood in that lovely place. I got to ride on an elephant (at the mall, yeah!), got to get highlights the first day I took a walk around town (my tita Weng deserves my thanks for that!), I got to study at a great school and meet lots of great friends, I got my first taste of going to the disco and parties, I got to get wet by playing in the fountains at the front of The Parliament House, I got to ride a yacht, I got to go and ride a cable car (overlooking a forest!), I got to go climbing and adventuring in the Botanical Gardens, I got to eat Rambutan for the first time, I got to slide down a very high slippery slide, I got to experience my very own talent show, I got to experience being a true girl scout, and I got to hone my talents there.

A lot of things happened during our stay, and those are the times I'd gladly go back to anytime. That was also the place where I was still innocent about violence and about other mind-shattering things that affect the world. I WANT TO GET BACK TO MY OLD LIFE. Stress-free, worry-free, and just plain, simple FREEDOM.

I really wish it were that simple! The thing is, everything's just so complicated these days. If you don't have connections, you won't go anywhere. If you don't have enough finances, you won't be able to move either.
I recently applied to different schools all across Sydney, and Praise God, I got accepted into all of them. Great news right? Well, the problem is, we don't have enough money to support my schooling. We can't do anything about it because I'm still not allowed to work, and my course is too expensive. How should I deal with that?
I asked my cousin if she knew anyone who would be able to help finance my education, but she replied with the same answer I had. None. I don't mean to be discouraged, and I still have my hopes really high - but I really pray God will allow me to return to my childhood home.
I really want my brother to experience the freedom, the beautiful life I had at that place, while he is still young. Everytime we tell him about our stay there, he has this dreamy look in his eyes that shouts, "I want to go there too!" I ache for my brother so bad. So, so bad.

I pray to God things will work out. I hope it is His will for me to go back to the land Down-under and bring my whole family to live with me in due time. :D
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