#35: Day Nineteen!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nicknames you have; why do you have them.

Nicks can come from numerous people who you've come across in your life. Some people give them to insult, others give in adoration, and most of them are given due to closeness of friendship or by a family member. Nicks are most used as signs of endearment. :D At least, that's what I know.

A. Bam-Bam. I don't really remember having been called this name but whenever I go to the province for vacation, a lot of people call me Bam-Bam. So, I asked mom why they did so and who it came from. :D She said my Kuya Puto called me this because [probably] I was a chubby little thing back then and that nick sounded perfect on me. I don't know how much of this is true, but I really wish I could've remembered being called this name. I would've loved that baby-endearment feel. :) LOL.

B. Via. This is probably the most used nick I've grown up with, ranging from my relatives to my 2nd degree friends and to my regular acquaintances. Form my point of view, people generally feel at ease calling me Via (and it's way shorter than "Olivia"). I actually got tired of it at some point during 6th grade, and I wrote on an introduction card my second name "Marie"(we were told on the first day of classes to write stuff about ourselves). No on called me Marie. :( They just stuck to my original name Olivia or Via. One of my teachers asked me why I wanted to change my name when Olivia was very pretty and Marie was much more common. I agreed. :) The name "Veeyah" on my blog is the same as this nick, though for  a fun twist, I changed the spelling.

C. Bolib. (I suddenly felt a twinge of homesickness when I typed "Bolib".) This nick was given to me by my two BFF's, Apple and Stela. We shared about 3 years of high school friendship, and up to now, we are still very much in touch with one another. So how did I come to this name? Well, it was in History class that we were studying the countried of the world and the capitals and other stuff, and Apple came across Bolivia. (Imagine the "shock" we had. :) Some of the haters at school actually called me Bolivia, but it didn't take long for them to realize it didn't bother me, so they stopped. Thus began my identity as Bolib. :D

D. Olive. The first person I can remember who ever called me this was my first year high English teacher, Mrs. Asuelo. I always loved it when she called me Olive because it sounded like she really adored me. :D Haha. I guess I was a teacher's pet, and that same teacher chose me to teach English class during Youth Teachers Week. It was a great time. Another teacher called me that in my fourth year, also an English teacher. Ms. Razon. Gah, I miss her so bad! I mean, she used to make me feel pressured, happy, delighted, important, disappointed at myself and a lot of other emotions. I guess that's what sets Ma'am Purie apart from the rest. I'll never forget her.

E. V. Simple as that. It's waaaaaaay shorter than Via, and when texting, you only need one character. :) And V sounds like Posh (meaning style and sophistication), so I kind of settled for this one too. Ate Maira was the one to give me this nickname as I remember, and I generally feel good being called V. :)

*nicks are awesome*
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