#34: Day Eighteen!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Plans/dreams/goals you have.

* plans? so many I can't even write them all down. 
I plan to get a new haircut. 
I plan to get thinner. 
I plan to buy a laptop. 
I plan to get professional voice lessons. 
I plan to teach the keyboard this month. 
I plan to give all my close friends personalized gifts this Christmas.
I plan to step out of the shadows and really be myself around people.
I plan to study IT in college.
I plan to start drawing with the Graphics tablet again.
I plan to cook/bake something for Christmas eve.
I plan to decorate the house with wreaths and lanterns.
I plan to buy a new dress at Max.
* and many more, which would probably bore you out of your mind.

* what I wish/pray I could have/be. 
I dream to fall in love and be loved.
I dream to be known all over the world as a professional pop/rnb singer.
I dream to be whisked away by my true love to an adventure I'll never forget.
I dream to be the most beloved person of a guy in this world.
I dream to be able to provide for all the people who need support financially, emotionally, and spiritually.
I dream to have my own line of apparel and accessories.
I dream to be allowed to meet with the high folks of the government and share to them my thoughts on humanity and the development of the world.
I dream to be a worship leader like Darlene Zschech who, just by giving glory to the Lord, also is able to bring many to His presence and share His wonderful love.
I dream to be able to support my family financially, so that the worries we're having right now would all disappear.
I dream to wake up one morning without any worries or troubles in my mind.
I dream to be afraid of nothing int his world, only the One who I serve.
I dream to compose love songs to God and to worship Him without thinking of what other people may think of me.

* none. Sometimes, goals don't really happen, and I only get disappointed or heartbroken. Better to have no goals and stay as I am than have so much but be depressed afterwards. 

(sorry I'm in such a crappy mood today... I'm just facing too many problems that I don't know which one to worry about first. The only person keeping me together is God. I might just be on the brink of a spiritual burn-out. :( I don't want this.
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