#28: Psyched!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Obviously, the month of December is full of fun activities, parties, and bonding time with friends and family. We get to do great things we don't usually have time or reason to during the other months, and that's just great! :)

One of the things I'm really, truly excited about is our "gig" on Wednesday. It's for The Gulf College Cultural Night where the Filipino community of that college gather for a cultural event. I was privileged to be picked by tito Rey, whose friend is working at Gulf College and asked him to find someone to serenade the crowd during dinner. Tito Rey and I are in the same church and both members of the Praise Team, so encouraging me to say yes to the event wasn't hard at all. :)
I've already given him my list of Tagalog mellow love songs and another list of english OPM music, so I'm just waiting for a text from him. I'm really nervous and excited too, and I hope two of my other church mates are available on that day. Tito Rey asked them to tag along too, if they wanted. I really want them to come, para hindi naman ako kabahan masyado.

Another event I'm itching to get done is our dance number at church this Friday. We (Maiks, Mitch, Gian, te Mai, te Hais, me, and Trixie) will be dancing to "We Are The Reason", a very lovely Christmas song about Jesus and His love for us, and I'm actually quite thrilled to be asked to join in that too. I love dancing (and singing) so I try really hard to get the steps right. So far so good. :)

Aside from that number on Friday, we'll be practicing on two other songs for Dec. 24, our church's Christmas celebration. One dance is really great, and it's for the opening of the program, whilst the other dance (which we still haven't decided on yet) is for the contest in the same event. Each group at church will face off, namely, the singles, the women's group, the men, and the kids. I really think joining the kids in is cruel. Hey, whatever. :) My job is to think of steps and dance numbers, not complain. I'm not in the place to do that.

Hah! I haven't even said half of the things we need to get done this month! Everything's so hectic, and I doubt people will barely be able to really relax in the next few weeks of December. Add to that a Worship Festival on the 31st, and you've got yourself a major responsibility.

But as I said, I enjoy everything I've been assigned to do, so I feel fine. :D It's really fun.
Right, gotta go guys! See yah tomorrow!
God bless!
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