#3: Day One!

a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts.

 1. When I get a scolding, I can keep a straight face and shift my focus on something else. Yeah, I tend to shut off people's words, especially when I know they don't really know me. I'm a guilty bunny.

2. I sometimes bite my fingernails to the extreme - either until I'm satisfied or until it starts bleeding.

3. When I love a particular song, i listen to it endlessly until I get tired of it. My longest record for soing this was about one whole week.

4. When/If I smile at you, it can only mean three things: I'm really interested, you make incredible expressions while talking, or I don't understand you a bit. I've often used the third one pretty often, especially when a lady comes up to me blabbing about how annoying someone else is.

5. I draw my females better than my males. And humans better than animals. And animals better than automobiles.

6. When drawing, I can turn any poorly formed sketch into something satisfying (most of the time that is). When I was in primary school, my mates and I used to play Mr. Squiggles, where one makes an irregular-shaped doodle on the board/paper and another tries to turn that into an image of something. Fun times. :)

7. I LOVE scrapbooking. At first, it was only a hobby, something I also needed to do for a project in high school. Now, I do it regularly.

8. I can write an interesting, grammatically correct play in less than an hour. I wrote a maximum of 30 pages once, and my friends totally dug it.

9. I can often tell a person's next mood just by looking at them and by listening to the tone of their voice. It's really handy in times when you have a suicidal-type of acquaintance.

10. At school, I rarely volunteered to answer a question because I was afraid to be called a know-it-all. And most of the time, I usually had the right answers.

11. I enjoy, adore, love horror films. The more brutal, gory, and scary, the better. I got a kick on watching Saw 1-6 non-stop. None of those gorish scenes affected me, as long as I had my Pringles.

12. I prefer female artists than men. I like U2, Boyz2Men, Usher, and Ne-yo, but the females stay at the top of my faves list. (I'm not taking sides here. :D)

13. I'm a great starter. I begin something but often leave it hanging around for a while. I really have to get the right motivation to finish a goal. :) LOL. Except school work of course, dah.

14. I still like watching Disney cartoons and 3D animated films. My all-time favorites are Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Wall-E, and A Bug's Life. Awesome graphics, man.

15. I am a BORN-AGAIN Christian. God's commands mold my personality and gives my moral standards, especially during tempting times. I also stick to being a virgin until my wedding day, with the man God will give me. :D Loving life by the way.