#12: Update on 'Boo'.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yeah, so remember my 10th post about the movie I was watching? Gotta share my thoughts, man. :D

It was what you would expect out of a 2005-quality movie. It's nothing as great as Saw of course, but it was scary, and the plot was really very nice. The whole haunted thing started years ago when a hospital was set on fire, trapping all of the people inside, burning them to death. There was no actual scene that depicted the fire, but through flashbacks and conversations between the ghost and the heroine, I was able to get a clear picture of what really went on.
It was Halloween, and five teens decided to get a scare by going inside the "so-called haunted hospital". The heroine, Jessie, wasn't up for it at all, but after being shortly labeled a coward, she finally agrees to go. One reason she was really frightened and unsure was because she could communicate with ghosts and see them in different ways through the necklace that belonged to her mother (who had died).
The moment they enter the building, it's like the ghosts awoke, ready to devour them, just as the house had many years before. At the same time, two men were outside the hospital, talking about going inside. They were adults, and one of them had a sister trapped inside.
After much frightening encounters, the whole group meet and fight over fear and the need to get out alive. Their friend Emmett (one of the teens) went to the building earlier to set up the scares, but is gruesomely murdered by the ghost who started everything. They get killed one by one, and in the end, Jessie helps the ghost of the nurse (who lit the hospital so that the murderer wouldn't escape many years ago) put an end to their ordeal and she, along with the two adults, escape. Her other friends weren't so lucky.
The movie ends with the ghost saying that "there will be others". And the nurse, with a stand says, "and I will be here to end it again."

:D I really liked it. Really. :D
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