5 Amazing Living Room Inspirations

Who doesn't want their own crib? Ever since I've had the right to live alone (and I will in the near future, once I save up to get a place of my own), I've been attracted to browsing the internet for interior design inspiration for all parts of the house, most specifically the living room, garden, and the bedroom.

It's one of those wishes that I hope to will be my reality before I reach my 30's (yikes - 5 years to go), and I'm getting excited and more aggressive in figuring out what I really want for my future place. There are so many amazing designs to choose to emulate, so I've gathered 10 of my favorite living room arrangements that might also help you see what it is you want. For this post, our focus will be on modern, airy designs.


I love indirect lighting, especially when shooting flat-lays. If I'm going to be living alone, I don't want to feel suffocated inside my own space, so having a lot of big, glass windows that allow the sunlight to seep through will definitely help me with that.

My Experience at One Shangri-La Place

There are reasons why I set strict rules for myself when booking hotels and tickets for travels. One, I don't want any mix-ups or hindrances that will prevent me from having a great time, two, I have trust issues when it comes to dealing directly with people for a tour or a place to stay - I'd rather talk with a hotel staff and be sure they won't mess things up to protect their brand - and three, it makes me feel cheap (for some reason) to not book directly with a hotel (just my thing I guess).

However, during a recent trip to Manila, I decided to try going against my rules - and it was one of the best experiences I've had in the area.

Starbucks for the 'Late Bloomers'

As much as people hate to admit it, Starbucks is currently one of the largest and most popular café chains in the world (aside from good ol' Australia). I don't know of anyone who hasn't been to Starbucks yet, but even those that go in from time to time have doubts and inhibitions about the menu and the fancy pronunciation of things.

If you haven't been to Starbucks (or rarely go) but have friends who are regulars (and practically live there every day), chances are you might have heard a thing or two about what goes on inside and that ordering something you don't know could be a total nightmare. So you never go, and when you do, you have your friends order "whatever they think you'd like" just to save yourself from having to choose from the menu.

To start going to Starbucks and hanging out like a pro, you need to bear in mind 5 things that'll help you blend in and look like you practically live off of the brand.